Virtual advertising solutions are rapidly growing in popularity with sports rights holders, broadcasters, and advertisers worldwide. The technology allows for them to reach segmented audiences at both global and local scales by, for example, replacing the advertising on real world perimeter boards with virtual perimeter boards. These can then show different advertisements in different territories and even to different viewers.

However, regulation has yet to effectively catch up with this technology and the regulatory uncertainty is seeing a cautious approach taken to its widespread deployment. Given the global nature of sports broadcasting, and that sports rules, broadcast and advertising regulations, and data privacy laws (amongst others), should be considered in all relevant territories, it is daunting to know where to start.

To help the industry, we’ve teamed up with leading provider of virtual advertising solutions, Supponor, and specialist lawyers from around the world to prepare a detailed paper which proposes a way forward for entities seeking to implement or take advantage of virtual advertising.

The paper details the differing challenges, offers an in depth analysis of the situation in selected key territories, maps out risk profiles for different use cases, and finally suggests Principles of Engagement that could be adopted to allow the industry to move forward in a manner that minimises risk while allowing companies to maximise the opportunities presented by virtual advertising.

While the paper focuses on use of virtual advertising technology in a sporting context the principles are as relevant to its use within any live event broadcast.

Want to know more? You can download the full paper here.