The Gambling White Paper published in April 2023 set out the UK government’s plans to modernise the regulation of the gambling sector.

One of the key proposals in the White Paper was to introduce a maximum stake limit for online slots games. This aims to ensure an equitable approach to the regulation of remote and land-based gambling, and to respond to the evidence of specific risks of harm associated with high stakes play on online slots games.

Following consultation, the government will introduce a statutory maximum stake limit of £5 per spin for adults aged 25 and over. 

It is also introducing a statutory maximum stake limit of £2 per spin for young adults aged 18 to 24, saying that the evidence suggests younger people are associated with higher rates of gambling-related harm and may have a greater risk tolerance compared to other age groups. 

The government believes that these limits will achieve its stated objectives of reducing the risk of gambling-related harm, with a lower risk of unintended consequences and less disruption to the majority of gamblers who do not suffer harm.

It says that the new limit should serve as a maximum stake which customers can choose to stake up to, rather than as a new default which operators drive customers towards, or which is otherwise seen as objectively ‘safe’. Operators currently offer stakes from one penny per spin, and the government expects a range of staking options far below the maximum to remain available.

The slot limits accompany other measures such as financial risk checks, data sharing on high risk customers, and making online games safer by design.  The new limits are due to come into force in September 2024, following secondary legislation.