The current pandemic has disrupted everyone's life and business. Although not top of the agenda for most businesses, one question UK promoters are asking is how to deal with their ongoing free prize draws and skill based competitions.

The short answer is (spoiler alert): by aiming to cause as little inconvenience and disappointment to entrants and potential entrants as possible! 

In reality, this could be a deceptively important question for many brands. The way brands handle this kind of issue can be taken as a barometer of their brand's values and overall approach to consumers when the going gets tough.  So promoters should not discount the importance of managing promotions effectively, despite having more than enough on their plate at the moment.

We have prepared a guidance note, which includes useful examples and tips to ensure your promotion (big or small) doesn't end up tarnishing your reputation. Helping you, ahem, keep your nose clean...

In this latest guidance note we consider the overarching principles to keep in mind, the ASA's altered approach during these strange times, how to change a promotion if it proves necessary, whether it's possible to rely on a force majeure clause to pull a promotion altogether, and what to do about prizes which are now disrupted or unavailable.

The guidance forms part of our #Covid19SurvivalGuide for the Advertising and Marketing sectors.