While we continue the long wait for the UK government's White Paper on gambling, the Gambling Commission is consulting on changes to its licence conditions.  

The proposals cover three areas.

Extending the multi-operator self-exclusion scheme to additional categories of betting licensee

Most gambling businesses offering remote betting are required to participate in an online multi-operator self-exclusion scheme known as GAMSTOP. Where a customer signs up to GAMSTOP, they will automatically be self-excluded from all online gambling offered by all operators who participate in the scheme. The Commission is proposing changes to Social Responsibility Code Provision 3.5.5 (remote multi operator self-exclusion) to extend the requirement to participate in the GAMSTOP scheme to all licensees that make and accept bets by telephone and email.

Reporting deaths by suicide to the Commission 

The Commission is consulting on adding a requirement to Licence Condition 15.2.2 (other reportable events) that would require all licensees to inform the Commission when they become aware that a person who has gambled with them has died by suicide.

Payment services - technical update 

Finally, the Gambling Commission proposes to amend the text of Licence Condition 5.1.2 which relates payment services, to ensure that the condition reflects the current legislative provisions. It proposes a further amendment to ensure that the condition also reflects any further legislative amendments to the Payment Services Regulations that might come into force in the future.

The Commission points out that the the UK government is conducting a review of the Gambling Act 2005 but it is unlikely that that review will affect the proposals in this consultation, and it considers that it is desirable to make progress on these three topics in the meantime. 

The consultation ends on 23 May 2023.