The Gambling Commission has published new consumer protection guidance for gambling businesses.  The guidance aims to help them comply with new rules coming into effect on 12 September.

In April the Commission announced new rules to ensure online gambling businesses do more to identify and take action to protect customers at risk of harm. The updated consumer protection guidance aims to help gambling businesses to understand and comply with the new rules.

The existing guidance and additional guidance issued during the COVID-19 pandemic will still apply and be available for operators to refer to until 12 September.

The new guidance provides further information for remote gambling businesses on:

  • identifying vulnerable customers (such as eg suffering from bad health or a bereavement);
  • indicators of harm they must monitor for, including what is considered a ‘strong’ indicator of harm, such as gambling overnight;
  • when to use automated systems and processes
  • how to evaluate the impact of customer interactions.

The new guidance forms part of the Commission’s ongoing drive to make gambling in Britain safer. The Commission says that it will shortly be launching a further consultation on the ways to tackle three key financial risks for consumers: binge gambling, significant unaffordable losses over time, and risks for those who are financially vulnerable.

It forms part of a wider programme of work by the Commission to encourage industry best practice in identifying customers at risk of harm and taking action. This programme of work also includes:

  • supporting the development of an industry led solution to the Single Customer View challenge through the ICO’s sandbox process and working with the gambling industry to evaluate the approach they develop; and
  • working with the industry on best practice algorithms for using algorithms to identify harm and ensure compliance with the requirements.